More information about IAWEES


Empowering Society with Water, Environment & Energy Sustainability and Promoting the Benefits of Sustainable Integrated Development.

To promote the advancement and exchange of knowledge on methods, policies and technologies for sustainable development through working groups, specialty lectures, symposia, congresses, and publications on water resources, the environment, disaster prevention and management, improvement of health, industrial processes, and energy under the conditions of climate change.


The primary aim of the IAWEES is the improvement and dissemination of knowledge on methods, policies, and technologies for increasing the sustainability of development by de-coupling growth from natural resources and replacement with knowledge-based approaches as well as methods for assessing and measuring the sustainability of development, in water resources, the environment, energy and food production systems and their combinations as well as health systems under the conditions of climate change.


To promote the establishment in member institutions of a research culture and to promote the integration of research, technology, and practice as well as policy making in the fields of Water, Environment, Energy, Health, and Society.
IAWEES welcomes members to share knowledge, skills, experiences and expertise from research and case studies through working groups, specialty lectures, symposia, congresses and publications on Water, Environment, Energy, Science and Society including related issues.
To create a network of Scientists, Academicians, Researchers, Engineers, Consultants, Planners, Policy Makers, Health Professionals, Economists, Managers and Leaders from around the world for exchange of knowledge and information.
To facilitate improvement of current conditions and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in the Universities.
To promote participation in sustainability evaluations.